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Oh dear I’m still feeling a bit ranty this morning. Perhaps this will exorcise my demons?

Here is a draft code of conduct for this blog.

1 If you look thatat the entire content of this blog you’ll get some notion of how I conduct myself. It varies a bit.

2 You’ll also see how visitors conduct themselves. It, too, seems to vary.

3 The past is not necessarily a guide to the future.

Frankly, I find this too long and detailed so I don’t think I’ll bother. Especially, as I’m sure that potentially “disruptive” elements will have have even less interest than I do in idealised prescriptions for behaviour.

Instead, let’s watch this lovely YouTube. (hat tip: Chris Corrigan)

4 thoughts on “Code of conduct

  1. Graham Hill


    Although we all deplore what happened to Kathy, I too have no confidence that a Code of Conduct would work, or even that it is desirable.

    Codes of conduct may work for the mainstream of decent bloggers, but they don’t need one anyway. But they don’t work for the others, who do need them.

    Graham Hill

    Independent CRM Consultant

    Interim CRM Manager

  2. Media Influencer

    Code of conduct is for bullies

    …to help them, not to stop them. Bullies like to control other people’s behaviour and compulsory codes are a great tool. If people are causing harm to others, there are laws to stop them. Compulsory rules, codes of conduct don’t

  3. The Post Money Value

    I’m with Hugh (Johnnie) on this

    Michael Arrington’s code of conduct commentary is excellent and I agree with him. Just a big time slippery slope to start doing stuff like this. And just using the term slippery slope is risk enough for me. In general, I agree with Hugh when he


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