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I seem to be provoking more comments these days. So for the real enthusiasts I’ve added an RSS feed of comments.

(RSS feeds are a way of getting the content of this and many other sites into a thing called an aggregator. If you read many sites especially weblogs, this can save you a lot of time. The aggregator I use is Sharpreader. This post by Elise explains this more.)

This amount of geeky fiddling usually means only one thing: I’ve got a dreary task looming and I’m engaging in all sorts of distractions instead of biting the bullet. In this case, it’s my annual income tax return.

5 thoughts on “Comment feed

  1. Netcoms dot com

    The blogger is back in town

    The pressures of the New Year have made it difficult to keep up with the blog, so I can only admire the prolific output of fellow blogger Johnnie Moore, who has managed not just one, but four posts today. Whether he can maintain this output over the …

  2. Christopher Carfi

    Johnnie! Tech question…how did you enable the Site Comment Feed? Is this some sorta Typepad hack, or…how’d ya do that? (BTW, I just subscribed to this feed, so, theoretically, I should know when you respond here in the comments, yes?)

  3. Johnnie Moore

    Christopher: It’s a MovableType hack which I found here. I have also implemented it in Typepad (where you need to go for the Advanced Templates option).

    Yes, your RSS should now tell you I’ve added this but I’ll email you too!


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