Compare and contrast

As the internet distributes information and intelligence it gets easier and easier to do a bit of pattern spotting and identify mismatches… and then share them with the world. Jeff Jarvis recently highlighted this example of it being done to John McCain:

Alan Moore picked up another of these contrasts from Christopher Elliott‘s Customer Service blog:

Two facts. Number one: The latest Airline Quality Rating (PDF download) finds that US Airways ranks dead last, when it comes to customer service. No surprise, considering the tumultuous past year in which it was assimilated into America West as it withered away on life support.

Number two: US Airways Chief Executive Officer Doug Parker’s compensation package totaled $5.68 million last year (in fairness, he did turn down a $770,000 bonus). That’s more than four times the $1.25 million total he earned in 2004, according to reports.

If you google “US air sucks“, you’ll get a pretty interesting perspective on that airline.

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