3 thoughts on “Compare and contrast

  1. Murphy

    Sure, Romney’s is rote politispeak and Richardson’s is way funnier. But one makes you want to cast a vote for President of the United States. The other makes you want to order a sandwich.

    What audience is Richardson trying to reach?

  2. Johnnie Moore

    I don’t know for sure what audience he is trying to reach but if I were a US voter I’d be impressed. I think it’s fine to use humour to make serious points and I hope Richardson and others continue to credit the audience with intelligence this way.

  3. K T Cat

    I loved the Bill Richardson ad until he got to the teacher pay part. “We went from 46th to 29th!” or something like that.

    Err, that’s geat, Bill. You paid them more. If we need someone to replace Ed McMahon, we’ll call.

    Mitt Romney has the usual politician’s strange meter. If he talked to you like that over the water cooler, you’d wonder if he needed psychotropic medications. “Hello, Ted…how was your…weekend…did you…go waterskiing…with your family?”


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