Tim Ambler a student at the London Business School is organising a conference Brands in The Boardroom next month.

He kindly invited me but it’s not my thing I’m afraid. As I emailed Tim, “I’ve become really reluctant to go to conferences. I am more and more drawn to more Open Space formats which put all participants on a level. I have become frustrated with “expert” formats which treat a small number of people as if they know more than people in the audience, so that the audience is basically there to listen and gratefully absorb wisdom. With the chance to ask a question if they behave really well.”

But some folks seem to enjoy these kinds of things, so I’m passing on the details anway!

2 thoughts on “Conference

  1. Rich...!

    ‘I have become frustrated with “expert” formats which treat a small number of people as if they know more than people in the audience’

    What happens when they do though? Surely you can admit that there are people out there that you can learn from, even if you are simply listening? I know you agree, or you’d never pick up a book.

    Interaction is great but not always required. There are times for Open Space, and times for shutting up and listening.

    Sadly though, I imagine that your statement comes from many hours sitting in dull conference rooms listening to wannabe experts spewing rubbish. Still it’s like the guy who reads a bunch of shit blogs then tells everyone “blogging’s shit”.

    Be careful you don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater…!

  2. Johnnie Moore

    Hi Rich…!

    Fair point and I don’t think I am getting baby and bathwater confused. Even when I need to learn from folks who know stuff I don’t, I usually want good interaction, not lectures or simplistic Q&A sessions.

    As I said, for people who like so sit and watch powerpoints, there are plenty of opportunities. They are not for me though.

    I’m not at all saying Open Space is the only solution. But in Open Space, experts are welcome to host conversations on topics they know about. And they’ll have audience of enthusiasts, rather then the default mob who may have come to the conference to hear someone else on the list.


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