Confusion is not ignorance

David Gurteen spotted this post by Esto Kilpi. Kilpi says organisations often mix up confusion with lack of information. (Doing so allows them to avoid conflict)

Because any information can mean a variety of things meaning cannot simply be discovered. Information does not help. We have to talk! Many meetings that are directed at the problems of ambiguity fail to handle it because potentially rich views are silenced by autocratic leadership norms that encourage harmony or reluctance to admit that one has no idea what is going on.

1 thought on “Confusion is not ignorance

  1. Dwight Towers

    No one can say those little words “I don’t know”, and start from a position of earnest and willingness ignorance. That is simply not rewarded, and leaves hostages to fortune…


    These are really fruitful posts, btw, Johnnie…


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