Consulting 2.0 cont.

I like a good rant so I enjoyed Adriana’s post: MasterSlave Relationship.

It is the a warped belief of where they belong in the universe that makes companies’ efforts online stand out like a sore thumb.

They bring their dysfunctional master-slave worldview with them and assume that a) we should be grateful for their very existence services, products (see all the faux social networks being created by agencies and brands); b) we shall eagerly pounce on any offerings that they hype to be ‘for our benefit or entertainment’ (ditto plus various viral campaigns and faux blogs); c) we shall pay good money to them and only them, even if we can get it free elsewhere (news, movies and music etc); d) answer surveys, fill in questionnaires, share our information, profile, contacts (media websites, any new social network etc).

Adriana also links to this very handy wiki set up by Ross Mayfield: Cases 2.0.

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