Consuming more media and less stuff?

Mark Ramsey interviews Watts Wacker and gets this interesting idea from him:

Perhaps the biggest trend that I would pay attention to in the short run is that while consuming is never going to go away, consuming as the defining criteria for individuals is. We are now using our media consumption as opposed to our physical consumption to explain who we are.

So you don’t go to a party anymore and say, you know, “Where’d you go to college? What kind of car do you drive? Where do you live?” Now you say “What do you blog? What websites do you surf? Have you read the article in Vanity Fair on terrorism in South America? Are you an Imus or a Stern person? Have you seen The Departed?

Spotted by Rob

4 thoughts on “Consuming more media and less stuff?

  1. Anders Abrahamsson

    Just consumed your quote with interest, Johnnie.

    It is with joy I see that something I spotted somewhere around 2000 as some really great hope for this planet&people now seeking leverage. The other side of this: provided the world speed up to get online, rich media transformation give hope for the one’s outside the net when getting in to participate in this lifestyle-transferring/transforming shift we now experience.

    Dematerialization is one of the keys to a sustainable world, and thus included in my tentative definition of Sustainopreneurship soon to be popularized (it got anchored in the research community here in Sweden in a research article last year), and this trend now spotted is supporting further proliferation of the conceptual diffusion, for sure!



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  2. Sean Howard

    Wow. Amazing quote.

    I wonder, is there a term such as “mediagraphics” to begin to capture this?

    I’ve been speaking with a colleague about this shift towards identifying segments by their interests vs. their demo-, phsycho-, and other graphics. That belonging to a community is in essence defining an interest that potentially moves across other segmenting methods.

  3. Jack Yan

    Cripes, this is happening. When I talk to our interns, it’s about Myspace or Bebo, or even having your own domain name. I am a big Watts fan, Johnnie, so thanks for posting this.


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