Conversation and depth

John Tropea has written a great post drawing together lots of threads about the role of conversations in what he calls organisational wellness and performance. We’re not machines, we’re mammals and touch and relationship are absolutely central to our happiness and our effectiveness.


1 thought on “Conversation and depth

  1. Johnnie Moore

    Hi Johnnie,

    I work on the basis that we continually construct and re-construct our knowledge, actions and arrangements in our (mostly everyday) conversations.

    Senior management may believe it creates the organisation through thought, planning and decision making but the reality is closer to

    (a) those involved create the organisation partly in their conversational responses to the ramblings of senior management, and

    (b) in these conversations, those involved attempt to save the organisation from the erroneous aspects of the thinking, planning and decision making of senior management.




    Hi Ivan

    That makes a great deal of sense to me.



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