Crichton on Complexity

Shawn Callahan at Anecdote links to a video presentation on complexity by Michael Crichton. Sean highlights these quotes:

To learn how to manage complex systems takes humility.

To manage complex systems takes the ability to admit we are wrong and to change course.

If you manage a complex system you are frequently if not always wrong.

Fascinating stuff.

3 thoughts on “Crichton on Complexity

  1. Tim K


    Surely the truth is that you DON’T manage complex systems.

    You merely participate in them.

    Try to be an authentic node, not a duplicitous link.

    Be accountable for the chaos you create.

    PS. Note to self. ‘try to actually live up to this..’

  2. Jake

    Spot on, Tim – I always say control is an illusion, the best you can hope for is influence.

    Johnnie, your quote is an interesting bit about general community!


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