Cringe City

My first cringe came about 20 seconds into this. See how long you can endure.

The rest was a bit like watching Dr Who as a child. Those Ernst and Young folk are clearly made of… sterner stuff. Hat Tip: Lloyd and Ben Casnocha

Update: Over time I’ve trained myself to watch the whole thing. It is truly hilarious. Highlights for me are the repeated reappearances of the mysterious bearded man with questionable sense of rhythm and the bizarre showing of soup being served in a canteen.

Update 2: The best comment so far is the ersatz-Google-translated version of Armin Karge‘s post on this, which goes: Here are Ernst & Young to to the extreme (Latin: last day of the month) gone and reached gaaanz deeply into the motivation crate. Just love the idea of gaanz in the motivation crate!

33 thoughts on “Cringe City

  1. Rik

    Hahahaha! I lasted till the dude with the beard stared clapping. You have to wonder what the actual recruiting process was like 🙂

    I wish you a happy Ernst & Young day.

  2. Matt Moore

    Whoa…offensive. Man…why does this bug me so much. Actually I feel kind of sad. Wow.


    Join us… JOIN US…

  3. The Post Money Value

    The Scariest Video You Will Ever Watch

    Via Johnnie Moore who has the actual hat tips on his page, this is clearly the scariest video I’ve seen come out of corporate America in awhile. Wow..

  4. The Iron Yuppie

    How Long Can You Endure

    E&Y Corporate Video (thanks Johnnie Moore and Post Money Value)
    … Remember, is not until the first cringe. It’s when you actually must bail out. I lasted about 33 seconds. From the beginning. Yes, this means I was able to tolerate a grand total of…

  5. Maddison

    They didn’t really create such a stupid spot, did they? Why didn’t someone in that crowd tell them how bad it was? They all look crazy standing there singing Oh Happy Day When Ernst & Young Showed Me The Way, how lame. I’m glad I don’t work for that company. The day they made that spot would have been the day I got fired.

  6. Keith Handy

    Actually they don’t look “crazy” so much as “frightened and willing to go along with it to keep their jobs”. If you look at any individual frame, you’ll see several dozen lobotomized worker bee drones and one rubber-faced slut who doesn’t care whether she’s singing about Ernst & Young or Adolf Hitler.

    I almost feel sorry for the musicians too.


  7. Thom

    20 seconds?! As soon as the saxophone kicked in over the “It was a happy day” title I shuddered. That was about 6 seconds in.

  8. Andrea Emerson

    If you make it all the way to the end, it gets far worse with a bit of choreography thrown in. I wonder whoever thought of “let’s all squat real low and then jump up for the grand finale!”


  9. gorgeoux

    1. Thank you for spoilers! They got me through.

    2. The bearded man must be the gorilla that only earnest candidates spot. Cunning HR filtering.

    3. Awesome brainwashing techniques; have yet to see something from the same league.

    4. I fear for the other clients of that communication agency having proposed and produced the thing.

    5. Honda’s choir has fierce competition.

  10. xian

    As a fellow caucasian, I would say that white’s don’t have rythem. White accountants, however, are taking it to a whole different level.

    We can only hope that E & Y spreadsheets are better than their dancing. Now shuffle back to your cubical.


    I think we have pinpointed the day the music died, at least r&b.

    i did like the guy who signaled for more wine.

  11. Stilgherrian

    The Cult of Accountancy

    If you thought Ernst & Young was an accounting firm, think again. As this video shows, they’re some sort of weird cult.
    Johnnie Moore and Hugh MacLeod say everything that needs to be said about this. Scary….

  12. Freddie Daniells

    Hi Johnnie: I once worked for a US investment bank called Drexel Burnham Lambert. We were famous for creating and then ‘manipulating’ the junk bond market. In response we lost our most famous employee (Michael Milken) and were fined hundreds of millions of $. As part of a morale boosting exercise, the firm cut a video exhorting us to new greatness with the final sign off being Billy Ocean singing “When the going gets tough, Drexel gets going”. In the video, standing just behind him was the entire senior management swaying to the music, clicking their fingers acting as backing performers. I have to say it was one of the most funniest bits of tat I have ever seen in my life. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be available anywhere that I can find. I would have loved to have been able to link to it! Thanks for reminding me and making me smile! F

  13. Armin

    Thanks for the video (again). I am also amused about the Google translation (see update 2). I am not shure, if you have understood, what I wanted to say 😉

    The latin translation ist certainly wrong: ultimo means simply extreme, at least in this context.

    Anyway, have fun! And the E&Y-video will be a guaranty for rainy days…

  14. Bulbboy

    Especially funny (in that scary way) since I had just been browsing through the “What’s New” at Snopes (from a comic at Featured there recently was a great “leaving e-mail” from an E&Y employee who seems to have been having not so happy days with the company.


    Slightly slower than some here.

    I lasted 7 seconds.

  15. Johnnie Moore

    Hi Armin:

    Running review

    45s Starting to cringe in anticipation…

    57s Oh no, they’re not going to murder U2 are they?

    1m 05s “Two great companies come together” Oh dear…

    1m 15s No! “One bank”

    No, I can’t take it any more!!!


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