Did you realise that if you just Google the word “Evelyn”, Evelyn Rodriguez is the fifth entry. Evelyn Waugh is a whole page behind her. And for “Hugh”, Hugh MacLeod come in as number 2. Hugh Jackman limps in fourth. I won’t say what happens when you try “Robert”, it might get Dave Winer complaining again.

Not saying this means much, but it amused me.

4 thoughts on “Crumbs

  1. Tom Asacker

    And Johnnie Moore runs a close third to Johnnie Walker and Johnnie Johnson. Good company!

  2. Evelyn Rodriguez

    I suppose Google values quantity over quality if my case is any example 😉

    BTW, it does immensely help to have your blog title be your name or product or whatever you’re promoting in case anyone cares about SEO tactics and Googlejuice.

  3. Joe Ford

    Maybe you shoud treat yourself to a wee dram!

    Evelyn does have a point with the SEO. However, simply keep updating the your content including the key phrases and, hey presto, you’re Google’s best friend… for 2 minutes! She’s such ficklea fickle girl!


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