Cultural insensitivity

Chris Corrigan has a good post criticising the logo of the 2010 Winter Olympics. The powers-that-be have chosen an Inuit design for games staged the other side of the continent from the Inuits.

Using an Inukshuk to signify winter games in Vancouver is like using the Egyptian pyramids for selling the London bid for the summer games. The two have nothing to do with one another and Vancouver and Iqaluit are separated by about the same amount of distance as London and Cairo.

1 thought on “Cultural insensitivity

  1. The Newest Industry

    Vancouver 2010: Logo Cops, you blew it

    I am with Chris Corrigan and Johnnie Moore on this: WTF was the Vancouver 2010 Organizing Committee thinking with this logo?
    Ummmm…the Inuit live many miles from Vancouver, despite what most residents of the United States believe. And as Chris…


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