Cynefin Framework, down under

Shawn from Anecdote plays with a new web app called Sketchcast. He uses it to explain Dave Snowden‘s Cynefin framework. The result is something rather brilliant I think:

This is a great bit of co-creation from which I learnt a lot. Dave’s model is pretty awesome and Shawn’s iteration helped me understand it better; the use of human drawing softens the edges of the diagram – and that fuzziness itself is very significant. It reflects a key theme that the model addresses and it also makes the model less intimidating to the learner.

It also allows Shawn to put his own work – based around narrative – in context in a way that shifts my understanding of it. Thanks, Shawn, great job!

Update, April 2009: Sketchcast went out of business, so Shawn’s done a version on YouTube:


3 thoughts on “Cynefin Framework, down under

  1. Shawn Callahan

    Hi Johnnie, I’m glad you found the sketchcast useful. Hey, I was having a beer with Matt Moore yesterday and I hear you are coming out to Australia. Will you be heading to Melbourne?

    Just on the Cynefin Framework, people often ask me why is it drawn in that funny way (yesterday I was told it look like two buttocks stuck together)? My answer is that it’s trying to convey that the boundaries are not fixed and rather than being a simple categorisation, Cynefin is a model to get people talking (sensemaking).

  2. steve


    Could you email me the podcast or a good link to the Sketchcast explaination of Dave Snowden’s Cynefin framework? I want to know more about cynefin and it sounded like it would be a good source of understanding for me.




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