Department of Whatever Next


Rich from Hello World had his camera handy at Jo’burg airport.

Proof that you can brand absolutely anything

I was going through the x-rays at Johannesburg International Airport yesterday and noticed the strangest thing: branded (logo’d nothing else) x-ray trays. I can see the conversation the agency had at Ford HQ:

Brand manager, “Oh poo. We have lots of those dang stickers left.”

Creative whizz, “Fear not, I have a winning branding plan, lets stick them on the trays at the airport where people throw their keys and small change when it goes through the x-ray machines”


Brand manager, “Brilliant, if that doesn’t sell more cars, nothing will!”

1 thought on “Department of Whatever Next

  1. Earl Mardle

    Have you also noticed the little plastic bars that separate grocery orders on the checkout belt? A while ago I noticed that, not only are they carrying advertising, but at Coles Supermarkets in Sydney they were carrying CURRENT messages. They were advertising a TV series and talking about the next week’s programme.

    Can’t you just hear it at the Little Plastic bar Company? “Folks, we’re gonna be RICH, we OWN the Grocery checkout belt market!!!” Meanwhile someone has a job selling the space, commissioning the artwork, writing the copy, checking the print run, distributing the leaflets and making sure that the grocery clerks have “updated their bars”. In the words of Bill the cat Aack! Thbppbp!

    I realised then that the economy was fundamentally in trouble, if you have to get you message in even this tiny niche, you are not making a good business through the traditional channels, and you are now getting desperate.

    Next stop, adverts on medication, do you have ANY IDEA how many people look at their pills before they take them every day? Think of the messaging possibilities!! Think of the branding opportunities!!!

    Excuse me, I’m off to be sick, and NOT take any pills for it.


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