Determinedly Detracting Delta

Katherine Stone does some determined detracting of Delta Airlines.

Delta’s new full-page ad campaign for its launch of Simplifares really grates on my nerves. The ad features the headline “How one airline is changing everything ” as well as the company’s new slogan “Good goes around.” Are you kidding me?!

As a Delta Medallion member and resident of Atlanta, I feel I can discuss Delta with a fair amount of authority. Firstly, on the headline “How one airline is changing everything”, Delta clearly was not the airline that changed everything. Have they never heard of Southwest Airlines or JetBlue? If we were being perfectly honest here, the ad might have read “How one airline finally got the picture” or “How one airline eventually got a clue before going completely bankrupt”.

1 thought on “Determinedly Detracting Delta

  1. Arista

    I would like to comment on this quote for Delta

    “How one airline is changing everything” Well I guess it is after I flew Delta recently it changed my opinion of Delta. I will never fly them again. Out of four flights including connections only one was on time and my bags were delayed. Only one flight attendant was even friendly. Also when I complained to a supervisor at the Kansas City Airport she said much worse has happened to passengers. By the way one gentleman who was in baggage claim tracking down his lost bags was an American solider returning home. He was tired but not at all rude to a Delta employee. He was treated so rudely by the person at baggage claim that Delta Airlines should be ashamed!


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