Difficult conversations, part 4

Here’s the latest espisode on Difficult Conversations. (Parts One Two and Three). I made this one with my friend Kay Scorah.

We talk about arguments like “who left the top off the toothpaste tube” and why we may need to embrace the fact that we appear to fall out over apparently trivial things.

When I watched this back I saw all sorts of ways my little role play with Kay could have been done better. When we do this work in groups, that’s part of the fun, because the audience will think so too. And the we get them to step in and have a go themselves.

1 thought on “Difficult conversations, part 4

  1. Lorraine O'Rahilly

    Thank you for the toothpaste example of having difficult conversations.
    I used it this morning.
    We are not getting divorced!
    Looking forward to the next installment!



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