It’s been a bit quiet here lately because to be honest I have been a bit addicted to World of Warcraft this week. Still I feel better knowing Mr T and Willam Shatner are prepared to endorse it in this ad.

I’m not quite ready to do my “I’m Johnnie Moore, and I’m a Mage” video just yet, but I could be tempted. That’s if I can spare the time from levelling up my Priest or Druid alts. Here are my three avatars as presently equipped:


2 thoughts on “Disappearing

  1. Nathan Snell

    Haha, that’s some dangerous territory, Johnnie :p

    I unfroze my WoW account about 5 months back and played for a few months until I had to freeze it again (until I graduate this may). As you say, it is silence inducing. Even managing time well, I couldn’t accomplish all I wanted to accomplish and play WoW at the same time :-p

    Good luck with that!

    And a Mage? Good man! I’ve got a 70 UD Mage, deep frost/fire spec for pvp 🙂


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