Disrespectful, disruptive innovation

I am not a particular lover of Ryanair and I think of myself as pro-Europe. Nevertheless I throughly enjoyed this video of Michael O’Leary being fabulously irreverent to his hosts at a Brussels innovation conference. There seems to be a rather large and solemn innovation industry which lacks what Leary has in spades: the willingness to be very disruptive.

Check out his conference bio too, another well deserved sideswipe at the standard portentous approach.

Hat tip Fluffy Links, who are probably right in saying he’ll never be invited back. Via this tweet from @sznq

1 thought on “Disrespectful, disruptive innovation

  1. Penny Walker

    I’m no fan of Ryan Air either. Low-cost air travel just can’t have a place in sustainable, low-carbon future. Wish he’d put his fabulous energy and iconclasm into that challenge, instead.

    However, have to agree with him about EC and how bonkers their bureaucracy is. I had them as a client once (never again) and had to go to Venice. Their rules on which flights they would reimburse would have added hours to my journey as couldn’t fly from closest airport but only from their approved one.

    (Glad I’ve given up flying, even though it cuts out lots of interesting work.)


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