Disrupting disruption?

I’m trying out ineen which is an alternative voice-over-internet package to Skype. It has a few advantages: it incorporates video (nice but not that important to me), call recording (now that is useful, recording Skype conversations for podcasting is a pain) and more conferencing features. Plus a nice, more intuitive interface.

Plus they are using Open Standards. I’m no techie, but this sounds like a good thing. Savvier readers, please shoot me down in flames if I’m wrong.

Skype has a big head start in user numbers… I wonder if ineen can catch them? We live in exciting times… if Skype is a seriously disruptive technology, I wonder if it might be out-disrupted?

Tech note: It installed fine but it argues with my Netgear router. Am working on a fix. My ineen number is: 2009207.

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