I looked up the Love Police on youtube following a tip from Euan. Here they are visiting Canary Wharf to challenge amongst other things, the status of private security guards dressed rather like policemen. They’re also challenging the way places like this, while looking like public areas, try to take the status of private land when it suits them.

These guys are also challenging convention in a variety of ways and present an interesting idea of the role of love. Watching them hug the security guards is fascinating.

I think this would be a good video to show people who want to talk about innovation, because I think it points to questions about power, discomfort and disruption that sometimes get avoided in polite society.

2 thoughts on “Disruption

  1. Antony Mayfield

    Thanks for sharing, Johnnie – this is really interesting, both the approach and the things they are challenging. It is good to test these blurring of the lines between private and public in public spaces.


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