Dr Rant

Chris Locke has Rageboy and I have Dr Rant.

Dr Rant is a subpersonality of mine that pops out, often without warning, when I feel the need to vent steam. (For the Myers Briggs fans out there, I guess this is when I move from INFP to INFJ or INTJ.) Dr Rant is less reasonable but probably more entertaining, as long as you’re not in his firing line. He does rather more first drafts for this blog that, to be honest, I tone down before publishing. Though you can see his fingerprints on posts like this here or my comment at the end of this over at Beyond Branding.

Actually, now I re-read them I realise these are pretty tame by Dr Rant’s standards. Perhaps, as an advocate of greater authenticity, I should let him out more often? Maybe give him a category of his own? After all, as a witty therapist once said “I’m in favour of anger, it can be so energising!”

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