Drury Lane Action

A good comment at 173 Drury Lane from Adrian Trenholm

Sorry but I think “affinity” is another nonsense marketing word. “Convenience trust and service” should all be givens. Let’s get clear about this: for foodies, it’s about quality and access. For everyone else it’s a class thing.

For me it boils down to who sells the best food and can I get there. Waitrose sells the best, but it’s too far away. Sainsburys is next best and just down the road. I am a foodie. So I go to Sainsburys.

1 thought on “Drury Lane Action

  1. Adrian

    Damn you and your Sainsbury’s blog. Of all the blogs I read, and there’s lots, 173 Drury Lane is the one I feel most tempted to comment on (probably because where and how we buy our food are such fundamental issues). I can see it sucking a lot of my time, if I am not careful! Which is to say: well done on such a compelling blog.


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