Dying to the known

shutterstock_142610056I’m running a workshop called Creativity, Collaboration and Coherence. It’s on Friday February 14th in London – details/booking info here.

I’m running it jointly with my friend Peter Kajtar and we’re aiming to offer something a bit new and different. We’re combining using improv actiivities from the Viola Spolin tradition, with reflections drawing on Peter’s extensive experience of the work of David Bohm.  What I’m hoping for is a robust mixture of the playfulness and physical energy of improv with the depth of thinking that Bohm applied to what’s happening.

One of the ideas we’re exploring is “Dying to the Known”.

We will explore the challenge of “dying to the known” in the company of others. Dying to the known involves an awareness of the limitations of the thinking process, enabling us to avoid the pitfalls of projecting our limited understanding onto the present or into the future, loosening our habitual perceptions, etc. Bohm argued that such capacity is fundamental to approaching intelligence, whether attempted in groups or individually. We’ll look at how we may create psychological safety as a group not by clinging to the known but sharing the adventure of going into the unknown together.

This interests me because so many conversations about change and innovation preach change to others but seem to leave someone in a position of power and status acting as “the lever”.

I hope you’ll consider joining us!

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