3 thoughts on “Eagleton on Olins

  1. John

    Great quote and great point you make Johnnie. Good to see people expose the same old branding BS – “you need us.” On a side note, wonder what you thinnk ofrthe old-style hucksters appropriating Cluetrain (the New and supposed bible brand) to justify “controlling the conversation.” Good luck.

  2. Chris Pearse

    Good stuff as always. Yes the anti-brand stuff is far more intersting (why I read this blog) – but isn’t it always more entertaining to stick a pin in the balloon than to blow it up?

  3. Stefan's Branding Blog

    A cold shower for branding

    The last issue of Eye magazine is just that. As a staunch proponent of branding (in its most current, progressive understanding), I am truly delighted when a keen, critical eye is thrown on our discipline. Way too many PT Barnums


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