Education, education…

Euan cites Richard Sambrook writing about John Chambers:

He said the current education system of grades and exams puts people in competition with each other and is a top down command-and-control model. As the leader of one of the world’s biggest IT companies he believes future education should concentrate on networking and collaboration – which will support greater innovation and corss-discipline creativity. It will also he said attract talent.

I often think we don’t realise the deepest lesson that our schools indvertently teach us – to be overly obedient to, and respectful of, authority – and not our own.

1 thought on “Education, education…

  1. patmcgraw

    As much as I hate to admit it, Jack Welch was right…networking is the most important thing to learn at college…and beyond. And I couldn’t agree more with your statement regarding schools teaching us respect for authority. I am approaching 50-years on this planet and I am still fighting to overcome those early lessons in Catholic school – and I still have those scars on my knuckles as a reminder. 🙂


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