Enough lectures, already

I really liked Jeff Jarvis’s latest unpicking society’s addiction to the lecture format. I’ve blogged before my frustration with rooms of smart people listening politely to long winded keynotes and dire panels as if they’re not actually capbable of intelligent thought or dissent. The whole post is worth reading, but here’s a sample:

We must stop our culture of standardized testing and standardized teaching. Fuck the SATs.* In the Google age, what is the point of teaching memorization? .. We must stop looking at education as a product – in which we turn out every student giving the same answer – to a process, in which every student looks for new answers. Life is a beta.

1 thought on “Enough lectures, already

  1. Stephan

    So what do we do instead? I would love something different.

    Lectures can be repackaged easily which is good, I can download TEDTalks podcasts.

    The real value comes in talking with people, not necessarily the panel members and speakers in the hallways, and the conference gives some structure to the whole thing.

    Using the web would be great so as to not incur travel expenses, but webinars are just lectures with better seating. Chat rooms and twitter just fall apart.

    We need a way to nudge people to stay on topic but where they can also explore thoughts and ideas together.


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