Enough reinventing leadership, already

The title of Bob Sutton’s latest post makes lots of sense to me:

Most claims of originality are testimony to ignorance and most claims of magic are testimony to hubris.

I share his weariness of efforts to radically “reinvent leadership”.


2 thoughts on “Enough reinventing leadership, already

  1. Johnnie Moore

    Hello again Johnnie.

    Bob must have been inspired by my comment on this post: https://www.johnniemoore.com/blogmt/archives/002360.php 🙂

    I can not say it better than Bob did, so I recommend everyone read his post and get back to work. Also, just go straight past the leadership and management section in your favorite bookstore. Don’t collect $200 (or Euros or ??). A book on anthropology, foreign cooking or Tantric lovemaking would be much more beneficial to your life. (that is a general comment to addressed to everyone, not just Johnnie!)

    BTW, here’s the link to Bob’s full post:




    Hi Q – thanks for that link, I forgot to include it in the post but I’ve built it in now.


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