Euan’s Phoric

Rob and I did our fifth Phoric podcast on Friday with Euan Semple. As with the other guests, Euan picks three youtubes and talks about what excites him about them. And as with other guests, this proves to be the launchpad for a great conversation – in this case drifting toward the future of broadcasting in a webby world.

I particularly like Euan talking about broadcast organisations needing to be built around stories rather than abstract notions like efficiency (I’m paraphrasing). Rob and Euan swap notes about how radio shows can be enlivened by integrating things like Twitter. Euan also shares a good story about a radio show stimulating listeners to edit wikipedia live as they interviewed the subject of one of its entries.

Click to Listen Download the Podcast

To see the clips, or get the 10min version, please go to the Phoric post.

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