Everyone’s a trainer

Dave Snowden is blogging a KM conference – the posts are an entertaining mix of the speakers ideas with Dave’s sceptical sidenotes.

I enjoyed reading about Eva Lo who is Knowledge Manager at the Langham Place Hotel. I was a bit surprised that a Hotel could have a Knowledge Manager, but it probably connects with the surprise that they don’t have a training department. Instead, their idea is that Everyone is a Trainer.

. Training projects are sourced from the person in the hotel who does it best. Example of folding table napkins; turns out a junior waitress does it best so she does the training. Computer training is done by young people, bed sheet folding by the best chambermaid (sorry chamber attendant). I can see that this would work, and would encourage empowerment through action rather than statement.

I like the idea too, though I do know some people are good at what they do but have no talent for conveying it effectively to anyone else!

2 thoughts on “Everyone’s a trainer

  1. Chris Corrigan

    I’ve enjoyed reading Dave’s posts from this conference as well. I have to admit having a kind of “approach/avoid” reaction to Dave’s writing…I love the depth of his writing and the conviction of his thought, but his ardent rejection and dismissal of stuff he doesn’t like sometimes hits home. Interesting.

    All in all though, I always come back to him. I love it when he gives someone half a chance and they impress him mightly and just keep opening him up, like Eva Lo did. It’s this force of personality that makes his writing – and his editorializing – valable and entertaining. And his love of Welsh rugby.


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