Tim Kastelle praises Derek Sivers‘ approach to innovation.

He tells the story of the voice coach that he had when he was singing in a band. He’d have Sivers sing a song an octave higher, then an octave lower, then fast, slow, like Tom Waits, etc. After doing all of that there was always a choice about the best way to sing each song.

Sivers then says you can apply that to business ideas: how would you do it with only $1000?.. how would you do it without a website?.. how would you do it with 10 times the customers?

I sometimes try this kind of thing when doing performance coaching. Quite often very small “tilts” can be quite illuminating. I got someone struggling with a speech to try it with his hand in his pocket – suddenly he went from strained “announcement” mode to something friendly and conversational.

1 thought on “Experiment

  1. Tim Kastelle

    That’s another great example Johnnie. I’m beginning to think that I need to investigate this more seriously. In some ways it’s like a cut-down version of scenario planning, but without all the infrastructure that goes with that…


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