Facilitation as a leadership style

Steve Davis (in his regular newsletter) has been thinking about Facilitation as a leadership style and brings up a table created by Richard Weaver & John Farrell in their book Managers as Facilitators. I’ve pulled out a few rows that I found interesting, but read Steve for the fuller story. Some of this made me smile, in recognition that facilitation sometimes feels like a weird job. I think this grid points towards some of the distinctions between facilitating and taking control.

Visionary Manager Facilitator
Concerned with doing the right thing Concerned with doing things right Concerned with helping people do things
Takes the long term view Takes the short term view Helps people find a view and articulate it
Hopes others will respond and follow Hopes others will complete their tasks Hopes others will engage in the process
Inspires innovation Inspires stability Helps people respond to things that are new and things that

remain the same


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