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I help organisations get more from their meetings. I help people to work together in ways that improve creativity, decision-making and productivity. My work ranges from small teams to conferences of 300 or more people.

You can call me on +44 7973 414263. See also my website creativefacilitation.com

International client experience

I’ve worked with diverse organisations including charities, educational institututions, small and large businesses, professional service firms and financial institutions.

I’ve worked in the UK, Europe, Asia, Australasia and North America and clients have included

  • Channel 4
  • The BBC
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • O2
  • American Express
  • Oxford University
  • Dept for Business, Innovation and Skills
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • World Vision
  • RESET Ireland
  • Specialist Schools and Academies Trust

“I’ve worked with Johnnie on seveal occasions where I needed a facilitator with a unique approach to getting great outcomes out of group discussions. He is a great communicator and a pleasure to work with.” – Rowena Goldman, BBC

Beyond technique

I’ve studied and practised a wide variety of techniques for working with people. But a lively and engaging meeting rarely follows a set path and a good facilitator must be willing to respond to the unexpected.

I aim to abandon the mask of being the expert who can explain everything, and join people in exploring the unknown territory of new possibility. The unexpected is the hallmark of learning and collaboration and a sign that people’s attention has been engaged and they are energised.

“Johnnie’s recent facilitation of an Open Space meeting changed my thinking forever on the way conferences should be managed and organized.” – Tim Eby, NPR


Being present to what’s happening in the moment is important. I think change often fails when people are striving to be any place other than where they actually are. The impatient effort to reach set goals often stops us from functioning well. Paradoxically, when we fully acknowledge where we are now, a kind of emergent change can take place that is often satisfying and productive.

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If you’re interested in facilitation, please call me on +44 7973 414263 for an initial discussion.

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