Feed Cats

I offer readers a choice of full RSS feeds or excerpts. A quick look at my stats suggests (drumroll…)

88% of readers prefer a full feed.

I’m curious about the 12% who prefer excerpts – what is it they prefer?

Answers on a ping or comment please…

2 thoughts on “Feed Cats

  1. Tom Guarriello

    I really like this new feed you have which includes trackback number and comment feed link, Johnnie.

    I’m a TypePad user, so they control feed content (I think!). I’ve asked them the question concerning including those two items, which would make me much more inclined to send out a full feed.

  2. Johnnie Moore

    Thanks Tom, that’s good to know. I would love to have the trackback info on the feeds I read too. I would guess there will be a way to customise your Typepad templates.


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