Feed me again

Chris Corrigan is another full feed reader

Also partial feeds just don’t work for me. The only site that manages to pull me with a partial feed is defective yeti. Everyone else usually gets a miss. I know this is not a quirk specific to me either. My advice to any blogger is turn on your feed and make it a full feed. Then you show up on your readers’ radar in all your glory!

And I see why Chris makes an exception for defective yeti.

1 thought on “Feed me again

  1. Johnnie Moore

    “In all your glory…” Upon reflection I like how that sounds even more. Better to see a naked blogger than to see one that is kiding the best parts! Or maybe partial feed bloggers could be more attentive about how they write and give their pieces a little executive summary.

    I wish Fast Company would publish a full feed.


    Chris: Me too.


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