Feral worker

Cathy Moore just started a blog – Authentic Voice – and linked to me. Which led me to find and enjoy her The Feral Manifesto. Snippet:

NOT FOR ME the cold coffee, the windows that don’t open the “inspirational” posters, the guy who talks too loudly on the phone, the lack of bathroom reading material, the smelly microwave, the 15-minute break, the timesheet, the need to wear shoes. The chocolate donuts were pretty good, though.

NOT FOR ME the fear of outsourcing. I am the outsource.

I AM the feral worker. In the still, black night, hear my cry.

And here’s a bit more from elsewhere in Cathy’s blog, arguing the case for authentic voice…

We write in Corporate Drone out of fear. We try to sound impressive because we’re afraid of being powerless. We hide behind complexity and buzzwords because we’re afraid the truth isn’t enough.

But times are changing. Thanks in part to the web, our customers are more savvy and skeptical than ever. They don’t have the patience for Corporate Drone. They want the truth, and they want it delivered with respect and a minimum of fuss.

If we can also show some personality, all the better. Businesses can’t compete on price and features alone anymore

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  1. gapingvoid

    authentic voice

    Is it just me, or is the term “Authentic Voice” starting to get annoying? It’s already starting to sound like a buzzword… The word “conversation” in a post-Cluetrain marketing context is also starting to get on my tits, even…


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