Field Trips

I’m developing a new idea for online learning.

It’s partly arisen from thinking about the challenge of working online, as many of us have been forced to do in recent months.

In that time, there have been a lot of efforts to take content normally taught in person and try to squeeze it into a Zoom meeting.

I’d like to offer something designed to make the best of the features and constraints of online. It’s focussed on more complex challenges, ones that don’t lend themselves to formulaic “five steps” processes. I’m keen to offer experiential learning that maximises creative stimulation so that participants discover things for themselves. I want to avoid teaching based on experts telling you how to do things.

My working title for this project is Field Trips. Little online expeditions to learn more about a shared concern. But without the painful questionnaires and essay writing that school trips in my young days were blighted by.

The idea is gather a group of maybe 8 people with one or two guides. Guides will have experience in hosting and facilitation, but are not setting themselves up as teachers or gurus. In our online meetings we’ll share experiences – both by sharing stories but also by conducting experiments – and see what we can discover together.

I’ll be updating this page with details as my plans are formed.

(Photo by Museums Victoria on Unsplash)