Filling the canvas

James comments on an article in the Independent about how advertising agencies will fare in our interconnected world

However old-school ad boys like Mark Wnek think that the ad industry will take all this in it’s stride because as he states in today’s Independent the web is really just a “canvas for commercial messaging”.

Wnek believes that ad guys will just turn their skills effortlessly from one medium to the next. After all, he points out, “Who will fill these canvases in a way that excites consumers? The creative ladies and gentlemen who live in advertising agencies, that’s who.”

I can just imagine what Doc Searls would say.

2 thoughts on “Filling the canvas

  1. AdPulp

    The Fix Is In

    Mark Wnek, writing yesterday in The Independent had this to say: The number of people in or around the ad business spouting about the future “beyond advertising” etc etc is climbing up to the thousands. In most cases these people…


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