Fireside chat with Lisa Haneberg

Lisa invited me to do one of her fireside chat podcasts the other day, which was fun. You can download/stream it here. We talk about facilitation and how I got into it; what its got to do with marketing; the idea of inviting a challenge; improv ideas like “Yes And”; being comfortable with discomfort; the power of acknowledgement; the perils of labelling people as difficult; the control word; holding space for the inexpert.

I will spare you the false modesty – I actually enjoyed listening to this! Thanks to Lisa for making it fun and easy. I also learnt that Lisa pronounces “Haneberg” as a three-syllable word and it does sound better that way.

(I apologise for my popping microphone, I must get a better headset!)

2 thoughts on “Fireside chat with Lisa Haneberg

  1. Servant of Chaos

    Saying No

    Difficult people are everywhere. They are in shops, in restaurants, on the bus and in your meetings at work. They may even be members of your family. You can tell a difficult person because they stop things from happening. They

  2. Craig and Lois Strachan

    I loved the interview – it really resonated with me. I am in the process of moving out of a very technical IT career into coaching, training and facilitation.

    I was interested to hear you describe facilitation as “group coaching”, because I always describe coaching as “one on one facilitation”

    Thanks for the interview – it helps to re-enforce that I am making the correct decisions.



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