First post

This is the first new posting to this Weblog at its new home

I’ve transferred to a new, faster server and decided this was a good time to drop the Ourhouse/Roundourhouse name used at my old site. My friends call me Johnnie so I thought I’d just use my own name from now on.

The new site integrates the Weblog and my main site. Hours in the salt mines of Movable Type and CSS have not I hope been in vain!

I’ll be putting in links from the old site to try to maintain the trail of inbound links, but please set your browser to this new address from now on.

I’m still tinkering with the new site and any feedback on how it works for you will be appreciated.

For those using newsreaders/aggregators, there are summary and full feeds (also listed top right on the home page). They are:

RSS 1.0 Full

RSS 2.0 Excerpts

RSS 2.0 Full

2 thoughts on “First post

  1. Johnnie Moore

    Oh I am so old fashioned – can I call you John for a bit? Or Mr Moore?

    Hey John nice move.

    Best wishes Rob


    Rob, thanks for the good wishes! And I answer to all those names, as well as several others which modesty or shame prevent me from mentioning here…

  2. Rod Fountain


    I’m very concerned. I’ve just put my name in your search box and there’s nothing on me, old friend. Not a bean. Not a single word about me. Have I said nothing worth you blogging about, or is it just that I owe you a beer……

    Seriously though, great site. Really good stuff…


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