Free customers outside!

Jennifer Rice (commenting on a post by Chris Lawer) gets the bit between her teeth (well, she is from Texas)

It’s time for companies to learn how to let go of the need to “own” a customer. What would happen if we tried to “own” our significant others? Or “retain” them? They’d probably walk out on principle. The key in relationships — whether personal or business — is to earn trust and respect and affection. Customers are not objects to be acquired; they are free entities who make choices.

Yes, yes, with a side-order of yes… and could I have another glass of the vintage Yes with that? Thanks.

Let’s mind our language marketing people and try to avoid these ways of talking that seem to strip the humanity out of us in the very uttering.

1 thought on “Free customers outside!

  1. Michele Miller

    I am very much in agreement with both of you. Management guru Peter Drucker says that the purpose of a business is to “create a customer.” Create… almost as if giving birth. Which means the business owner has a tremendous responsibility in the care and feeding of that customer. Respect and affection are certainly a big part of that!


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