Suppose people in future refuse to do work that doesn’t really excite them. What would be the future of organisations asks Michael Herman

So given that some things really do require large corporate-type orgs to deliver, might we end up with delicious, fantastic, sexy corporations? Or perhaps a lifelong string of on again, off again, one-year stands?

1 thought on “FutureCorp?

  1. Aleah

    Call me a pessimist, but I think it is impossible for everyone to be in love with their job. It’s a naive individualist/relationist dream from us privileged 1st world dwellers. But aside from my negativity, there’s a good book by Jeremy Rifkin, which I have recommended numerous times, called The End of Work. Rifkin’s theory is that there will eventually be a collapse in blue collar jobs, creating mass unemployment and turning former workers into government-supported vacationers. The specialized will still be employable, but the vast majority of blue collar and management jobs will be replaced by technology.


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