Geek dinner

I went to tonight’s geek dinner here in London. I showed sufficient self-restraint on the beer that I’m able to post before going to bed. It was a good evening, in a restaurant heaving with geeks. Robert Scoble was working the crowd with good humour and spoke with characteristic frankness and bonhomie. I loved that he said he wasn’t too worried about being fired by Microsoft as he’d get hired for more money somewhere else; what mattered more to him was maintaining the integrity of what he wrote. It’s that kind of honesty, and absence of false modesty that makes him so credible as a voice.

I also got to spend some time chatting to Alastair Shrimpton, Nigel Crawley and Neil Turner. (Neil proved it was a geek dinner by unloading an alarming collection of gadgets and showing us the latest beta of Firefox on his laptop.)

Thanks to Hugh Macleod for organising it.

4 thoughts on “Geek dinner

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  2. Neil T.

    I think that’s the first time that anyone’s ever commented that I’m a gadget geek 🙂 . But then I do pale in comparison to some friends – I know someone who owns a binary watch and a Bluetooth-powered remote control car that he controls using his mobile phone.

  3. Johnnie Moore

    Let me get this straight. Scoble gets canned from Microsoft for disparaging the company paying his check… and he thinks another company will then hire him to disparage them for even more money? Interesting theory. Delusional. But interesting.


    Hi Mike: Well it depends what you mean by disparaging the company. I think Scoble’s frankness reflects incredibly well on Microsoft.

    Who knows the hypothetical circumstances in which he’d get fired. But I think a lof of businesses would be keen to get the Scoble effect working for them. Perhaps that makes me delusional too.


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