Get nervous

Gavin Heaton has some good ideas about what works and doesn’t in social media. This one definitely resonates for me.

Nervous – Does your content make you nervous? Do you get a small thrill when you write it? Do you worry that people will respond in a way that is unpredictable? If so, you may be on the right path. To produce content that is remarkable – you need to invest something in it. You need to have an opinion. The best content makes you a little nervous as you release it to the public.

Yeah, feeling nervous tends to go with getting into the “zone of proximal development“.

1 thought on “Get nervous

  1. Mike Wagner

    Thanks for the quote from Gavin! Nervous is good.

    Gavin’s observation reminded me of hearing a missionary once talk about the simple prayer he prayed, “make me dangerous”.

    A message worth publishing to the world is always a little nerve wracking to set forth. And owning a “point of view” is always a little dangerous for those invested in the status quo.

    Thanks for stirring up the conversation even more.

    Keep creating,



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