Going Leroy

This video really makes me laugh.

The humour might be lost on non-players of Warcraft I don’t know. It shows a group of players on a raid. One of them, Leroy Jenkins, takes a snack break while the rest strategise about how to deal with the next encounter. Listening to their weary tones, you might find it hard to believe that playing this game is supposed to be fun.

Anyhow, while they try to agree the finer points (calculating their survival chances to two decimal places), Leroy returns. Oblivious to their plans he charges right on in, yelling out his name “Leeeroy Jenkins”. The result is chaos, a wipe.

I can’t fully explain what makes this so funny, but I’m sure we’ve all been on both sides of the divide – planning too much on the one hand, or leaping in without thought on the other.

Leroy is a cult hero in Warcraft, and I think in the end we’d rather side with the passionate over the bureaucratic. And at least he had chicken.

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