Going slow

Jack Cheng reflects on the idea of the Slow Web. We are so used to the idea of speed that we may miss the virtues of slowing down. He describes some services that deliberately slow things down, and talks about their qualities. This snippet captures something that seems important to me:

Timeliness. Rhythm. Moderation. These things dovetail into what I consider the biggest difference between Slow Web and Fast Web. Fast Web is about information. Slow Web is about knowledge. Information passes through you; knowledge dissolves into you. And timeliness, rhythm, and moderation are all essential for memory and learning.

He then references another of his pieces which has this wonderful phrase to describe a common folly: binge learning. He says there,

There are moments when, caught up in the mental resistance that keeps us from getting started, we forget just how enjoyable the act of doing really is.

My inner procrastinator senses he’s pointing to a useful truth right there.

Hat tip: This tweet from @annemcx

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