Going to Banff

I’ve just booked a great adventure for November. I’m off to the Applied Improv Conference in Banff Canada. I skipped the conference last year, but the combination of a horde of Improv fans plus the Canadian Rockies is too good to miss. I’m going to add on a trip elsewhere in North America as well I reckon.

2 thoughts on “Going to Banff

  1. patti digh

    Ahem. Asheville, North Carolina, is gorgeous that time of year, what with the leaves turning in the mountains and all…. (looking forward to meeting you in Banff!)

  2. Viv McWaters

    See you there – and I’ll have a couple of other Aussies in tow too. And greetings from Armenia where I’ve had to draw on my open space skills AND improv – lots to talk about in Banff

    Cheers Viv


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