Google’s rise

David Burn at Adpulp marvels at the meteoric growth of Google’s advertising. Who would have thought that their “fortune cookies” would fare so well against the creative might of Madison Avenue?

Those little ads – 12 word snippets of text linked to topics that users are actually interested in – have turned Google into one of the biggest advertising vehicles the world has ever seen. This year Google will sell $6.1 billion in ads, nearly double what it sold last year, according to Anthony Noto, an analyst at Goldman Sachs. That is more advertising than is sold by any newspaper chain, magazine publisher or television network

1 thought on “Google’s rise

  1. Jack Yan

    Hats off to Larry and Sergey, but just playing devil’s advocate with no basis for asking this question other than curiosity: how effective are these snippets? I like the fact they are designed for the web medium and take online advertising from its “let’s make it look like a print ad” mentality. But I cannot say I have clicked on any for about a year, so are the brands exposed sufficiently?


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