Grooming or bullying?

I found myself making this point to someone the other day and thought I’d share it here.

Conversation is NEVER just about the content it’s connected to grooming. What we say has an impact on others it’s a way of showing care for them – or not. If we forget that we become the stereotypical picky barrister, nitpicking over logic. We pretend it’s “nothing personal”. We act like we’re fighting fair, but we’re not.

Goodness knows I’m a culprit sometimes.

Bonus link: Rob Paterson explores the grooming idea.

1 thought on “Grooming or bullying?

  1. Tom Guarriello

    So true. I think of how much slack I give people I like vs. the grief I give people I don’t…often for saying exactly the same thing. When we put our “thinking caps” on, we are arming ourselves for battle. We all know when we do and know it when it’s being done to us. It’s the doing-something-about-it that’s tricky.


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