Heart specialist on why you should ignore what he’s been saying

About a year ago, I succumbed to Rob Paterson’s passionately argued blog postings about our diet. He’s just posted an article by a heart surgeon that cuts to the chase.

What it boils down to is that the low fat diet recommended by doctors for decades is not the solution to heart disease and diabetes. It is in fact, the cause. Cholesterol levels are not the cause of heart disease – which has pretty shocking implications for the amount of money being spent on statins these days.

Rob likens this to how the nineteenth establishment stuck to the idea that diseases were spread by smells rather than germs. It was only when this fundamental error was reversed that cities were transformed into (relatively) healthy places to live.

Switching to a paleo diet was quite a change. The shops are awash with sugar laden, processed temptation. But I’ve dropped about 20lbs in the process and I’m not planning to go back.


1 thought on “Heart specialist on why you should ignore what he’s been saying

  1. Ian Glendinning

    Interesting, it was Rob that first put me onto the natural fats but no-processed-carbs diet (Paleo / Hunter-Gatherer) some months ago.

    Gave up excess sugar, or any refined sugar additions to food and drinks relatively easily, but still struggling to give up our favourite food – daily bread and cereals, even after cutting down on starchy potatoes and pasta (not forgetting beer).


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